The more information I got, the more I was angry at how irresponsible the people in charge of the atomic administration were.

Specialists predicted that a big Tsunami would hit the power plant, but the uneducated workers ignored it.
Explosions from a meltdown happened because they lost electrical power.
I was mad how irresponsible and foolish they were.

I was moved by people who brought supplies, and visited to cheer us up despite anxiety of radiation.

I found out about irresponsible workers who didn’t pay back their salary they got at the time, and they didn’t anything.

My hometown is not an evacuation zone, I trusted the specialists who said radiation level is not so high, it doesn’t affect our health, so I decided to live in Fukushima.

Through this accident, I realized that my concern for the people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and people involved in the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake was slight.

If you feel pain, you can feel someone else’s pain, so I can feel a little for them.

Feeling that I don’t want to end my life as a victim of the power plant accident, the strong decision to move on developed.

At first, this third song was supposed to be a mach-melody at the end, because lots of people cheered me up which I appreciated and I wanted to go forward.

However, I heard the news that the court said no one was guilty and not to be punished even though they caused such a big disaster, which made me really mad.
Then, some strange melody came up in my mind, so I used this at the end instead of a march-melody.

This is what I think.

People who are concerned with the affair should inspect honestly what who in what position should have done.

It’s important to move on even if you suffer from any disasters, not only the nuclear plant accident.

Japanese couldn’t use lessons from disasters in the past.

I hope people don’t forget about this accident and hope no one will go through what I’ve been through.


I want to say that, not only regarding nuclear power, but people with responsibility who lack risk management awareness and skill should get out of their positions.

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My anger is getting bigger and bigger because beautiful things were polluted.

My hatred is so big because beautiful things were polluted.

I started to decontaminate my house.

The radiation level went up and down.

I kept decontaminating.

Children play inside at our kindergarten exposed to radiation.

To protect children, I kept decontaminating.

In the middle of summer, pale-skinned children are playing inside.

We got a donation from Isehara City radiation exposure Piano committee.

We got supplies from residence of Sapporo City.

A mezzo soprano singer and a pianist visited our kindergarten to cheer us up.

I think back of the things since the nuclear plant accident.

I am still angry.

It looked as though everything was meaningless, but I looked for the resons to take action.

The good will of one friend’s wife who gave his dead body to science cheered me up.

Anxiety and anger combined.

But I looked for hope.

Time passes with news full of the nuclear plant accident everyday.

I am angry at myself, who was indifferent towards the nuclear plant.

Everyone agrees with the idea that we must get through it together.

I struggle with problem happening everyday and my heart.

I was disappointed at the Authorities’ uncaring dealings with the problems and that Japan’s level went down.

I came to distrust the news from the amount of easy mistakes.

But I decided to keep living in my hometown Fukushima and play a overture.

I will take back my usual life which used to be.

I restarted decontaminating.

I kept decontaminating feeling pitiful.

My mortification will never go away.

I feel confused by the news of continuous blunders at the nuclear plant.

I’m angry at amateurish measures.

But I kept decontaminating holding in anger.

Emptiness breaks my heart.

Hopeless anger continues.

I’m furious at excuses from authorities and because decontamination doesn’t go ahead.

I think decontamination will take forever.

Decontaminating on cold days, I felt sad.

I don’t know where my heart will go.

Wanting them to give us back our beautiful hometown and I keep decontaminating.

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